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Lint Bunnies Begone

Dryer Lint Vacuum Attachment

✅ LINT BUNNIES BEGONE - Finally, your perfect Lint Remover has arrived! Our 3.5 foot long hose

attaches to your vacuum and lets you clean the deep recesses of your appliances. Years of built up dust and lint don't stand a chance! Finally, your washing machine, dryer, freeze dryer machine, and more can run more efficiently! In short, flexibility meets length.

❤ SAY GOODBYE TO LINT FIRE WORRIES - Do you know that lint clogged dryers cause nearly 17,000

house fires each year? The dryer gap, exhaust ports, front load washing machine lint traps, lint catchers, etc. Everywhere lint gathers is a potential hazard, threatening your home and your loved ones. Just a few seconds will suck those problems away, keeping you safe and your appliances working!

✅ EXTREMELY EASY TO USE - In just 3 steps, you are ready to go! Simply attach it to your vacuum (it is

suitable for most vacuum cleaners); set the suction power; and finally, suck up years of lint from your dryer vent, dryer hose, under and behind the dryer and washer, and under the refrigerator, bookshelves, keyboard, or air conditioner vents. Your creative capacity of use is your only limit!

❤ GREAT GIFT FOR DRYER OWNERS - Gifting a Dryer Lint Cleaner adds years to their appliances. Every

time they use their dryer lint brush vent trap cleaner, you will have saved them $100s in cleaning and maintenance costs. Not only that, but you are helping them avoid lint fires. Keep them safe. Help them save. Give them a lint cleaner for dryer vent.

☀ REMOVES YEARS OF BUILT UP DRYER LINT IN SECONDS — GUARANTEED! We put our money where our mouth is! Use your washer and dryer vent cleaning brush, and if you aren't able to get a proper

cleaning done on your dryer lint trap within seconds, we'll give you your money back!

Lint Bunnies Begone — Say Goodby To Lint

Did you know that lint is the number one cause of appliance problems? And for years your dryer and washer have been waiting for a thorough cleaning so that they can perform at top capacity, keeping you and your family clothed and happy. And now it's time to pay it forward! Take your vacuum, attach your lint brush for dryer vent to its hose and initiate suction. We're excited for you to see the difference in how your appliances perform after getting so clean!

Don't wait a second longer! We're so excited for you to see how fast and easy it is to remove lint from your appliances!

Your Perfect Lint Remover Has Arrived!

Have you ever tried cleaning behind your dryer? Even with a vacuum it's rough. That's why we designed our Lint Trap Cleaning Tool with the longest hose we could find. And we found it! A 3.5 ft hose so that you can reach all of the hard places in your home. Even underneath your oven, fridge, freeze dryer, and more. We strongly believe that cleaning should be as easy and effective as possible.

A Few Reasons You Will Love Your Dryer Lint Remover Tool:

- Removes Years Of Built Up Dryer Lint In Seconds
- 3.5 Foot Hose - The Longest Lint Cleaner
- Easily Attaches To Most Vacuums
- 3 Suction Settings - Anything From Light Cleanups To Heavy Duty - Easy To Use - 3 Simple Steps (See Below)

- Keeps Your Home And Loved Ones Safe From Lint Fires

- Helps Dryers And Appliances Last Longer
- Saves You $100s In Cleaning And Maintenance Costs - Tons Of Creative Uses

Tons Of Creative Uses

Because it attaches to your vacuum, you dust and lint cleaning kit is perfect for anywhere in your household. Use it as a baseboard cleaner tool, air conditioner coil cleaner, or as a refrigerator coil cleaning brush. Use it under your bookshelves, along your keyboard, or even those hard to reach places beneath your bed and appliances. Your dryer cleaning vent kit is the perfect cleaning accessory to de-lint your home!

Extremely Easy To Use!
STEP 1) Attach it to your vacuum. Attachment works well with most vacuums cleaners.

STEP 2) Select the suction setting. You have 3 settings to choose from. Anything from light cleanups to heavy-duty suction power.

STEP 3) Suck up years of lint from your dryer and washer vents, traps, catchers, hoses, exhaust vents and more!



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